When I was in graduate school, my boyfriend and I went to Poor Paul’s at least every other Friday for $2 Top Shelf drinks, darts, and the occasional NTN trivia death match. After awhile, the bartender with the moustache (a.k.a. “The ‘Mean’ One”) would make our drinks when we walked in. Rock on, Mean One.

In many ways Poor Paul’s is a textbook dive bar: cheap drinks, friendly (and, in some cases, creepy) regulars on stools, colorful locals, scratched up booths, pool tables, free peanuts, tiny bathrooms full of graffiti, a gravel parking lot, pinball, FSU/UF shouting matches, etc. Oh, and for that added air of scuzz, it’s located underneath an adult video/toy store. Best of all, it’s low on bonehead undergrads that can’t hold their booze.

But it’s also more than just your average dive bar. Most noticeably, there’s the wheel. You buy a beer, you pick a color, they spin the wheel, and if your color comes up you win Poor Paul’s Bucks redeemable for more beer and booze. Then there are the dartboards–none of this electronic crap, but real darts that draw their own crowd of regulars. Throw in a kick-ass jukebox and the Superman’s Junk Alarm in the ladies’ room, and what’s not to love?

I left Tallahassee three years ago, but I still have a Poor Paul’s Buck hanging in my office. Easily my favorite bar in Tallahassee.

Oh, Poor Paul's...Beth W.

When I was heading out there to Poor Pauls, I was really afraid that it was going to be some stupid college bar where there are frat boys chugging beer and doing stupid things. Well, I didn’t see that, but I saw an eclectic group out enjoying their night. Very divey, which is definitely my favorite type of bars. It almost feels as though you’re in an underground basement bar with the whole set up of pool tables, booths, and dart boards.

Each pitcher that you purchase, you get a spin on the wheel, which the prizes include Poor Paul cash. Or something of the sort. My friend bought drinks not me. But you can use your PP cash with more drinks.

Thumbs up, man.

Ummm, I love it!Bunny N.

One of the best dive bars in Florida. I have lived up and down Florida, from the 305 all the way up to Tallahassee and in between. This bar is dive in every sense of the word. It looks almost just like it did when it was built over 30 years ago. By far the best happy hour in town. Spin the wheel for super cheap imports or poor pauls cash towards your next domestic. There are dart boards, pool tables, air hockey, arcade games, a jukebox, trivia, snacks, boiled peanuts, and it’s also smoker friendly. There is never a cover charge and even on Sunday and Monday nights they give out free Gumby’s pizza. By far the best damn bar in town.

Great atmosphere!Lee A.