If there’s such a thing as a landmark in Tallahassee, Poor Paul’s is it. Owner Jim Smith built and has operated POOR PAUL’S since 1976, making POOR PAUL’S the oldest drinking spot under the same management in Tallahassee. Smith says, “There’s been a few changes over the years but if you haven’t been here in 25 or 30 years the place and the atmosphere will seem just about the same. ”

In addition to our low everyday prices POOR PAUL’S has a different drink special every night of the week, including Ladies Night on TUESDAY where the Ladies drink $1 wells and domestic drafts, and, as always, without a #%&@ cover charge!

In 1976, POOR PAUL’S hung up the first dart board ever in Tallahassee and all through the years some of the best darters in Florida have called POOR PAUL’S home. You’ll find darters of all ages and all skill levels playing Cricket and 501 on our 4 dartboards until the wee hours every night. And, of course, we use real steel-tip darts rather than electronic dartboards. And playing darts is always FREE. If you don’t have your own darts we have plenty of loaners for you.

But English darts and drinking are not the only activities at POOR PAUL’S.  We’ve heard rumors that some lucky guy once picked up a woman here. We have 4 pool tables, 9 big screen TVs, making POOR PAUL’S a great place to watch the Game. We also offer over 2 dozen different board games for the enjoyment of you and your group. Our jukebox, with over 100,000 songs, will satisfy any taste, and yes, we even have an ATM machine.

Now, I must warn you, our rest rooms are not the most modern and probably not the most beautiful in town, but I can assure you they are the most entertaining! And ladies, part of your restroom entertainment is SUPERMAN whose been exciting the ladies for 4 decades. I can’t tell you more… you’ll just have to see for yourself.

If you like crowded, loud, young bars you probably won’t be happy at POOR PAUL’S. If your goal is to see how drunk you can get there are dozens of bars where you will be happier cuz we’ll cut you off and show you the door. But, unless you’re extremely introverted, you’ll meet new people, at the bar, at the dartboards or on the pool tables every time you come in, and there are a lot of neat people to meet at POOR PAUL’S POURHOUSE, the best damn bar in town! We’d love for you to be one of them.